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Alwynn Taylor encourages students to both enjoy and explore Pilates further. Holding space for people to learn and discover is a choice that respects a student’s intelligence and free will. Whether you are in-studio, on the apparatus, or in a virtual class, a mindful, regular practice of the Pilates method leads to physical improvement, character development, and a broadening of one’s options in work and play.


Join our Virtual Studio Classes from the comfort of your own home.

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Getting away from it all gives you focus on what it is that inspires you.

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Energy in movement can accomplish anything. Alwynn pushes oneself in unique ways culminating the mind-body synergy and connection that builds strength to power your Pilates practice.

stories from our community

I feel Alwynn is like a conductor. She unifies the class, sets the tempo, executes clear and concise preparations for each exercise while allowing for people to be in their own practice. Her sense of humour and realness shines through and through. I feel strong and confident during each practice.

S. Capps

There's nothing like an hour with Alwynn to turn my day around. I can always count on feeling energized, focused and uplifted after the bi-weekly class she teaches at my office. Her helpful and positive approach brings out the best in everyone, ensuring a happy and productive work week.

C. D'souza

Thank you for teaching these virtual classes, for building an online community and for creating normality and a safe space to move freely, openly and honestly during these uncertain times.

N. Thacker

I'm an avid tennis player, play three times a week and after my pilates class my tennis game greatly improved. I have chronic knee pain, and more importantly, after my class, my knees felt pain free.

J. Gold

Breath powers the body

Breathing is the most integral part of exercise. You should consciously bring focus to the center of your body. Concentration promotes mind-body connection. Fluidity and flow are applied to the whole practice.

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