alwynn taylor

"I dwell in possibility" - Emily Dickson. I love my work. I believe that it is much richer than hip bridges and single leg lifts. For me, it is about stretching more than you can reach, which requires curiosity and a desire to go beyond the limitations of present knowledge and experience.”

While teaching or being taught, I am always encountering new ideas, approaches, and energies. I love creating a calm and centred space where my students can embrace everything Pilates. I encourage people to go beyond the familiar. Picasso said, “action is the fundamental key to success”. Choices and actions are intimately linked. Being open in your mind and body is just one of the amazing things Pilates can give you.

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curiosity and intrigue fuels me

As a life long learner invested in learning and growing, I strive to remain open-minded and inquisitive about new information, new research and new approaches to movement while remaining committed to the principles of contrology. I aim to be a critical thinker and an engaged teacher. It’s my job to continue to grow and revise. I didn’t know everything about Pilates 8 years ago when I started teaching, I don’t know everything about it today, nor will I in 10 years.

human first. Pilates Second.


I don’t define “good” Pilates for you; instead, I integrate principles from classical and contemporary repertoire, exercise science, other modalities of movement, respected teachers, industry elders, and supportive mindfulness practices, while allowing my students to define what their practice looks like.


Being adaptable means working without boundaries and being open to finding diverse and unexpected solutions to problems and challenges. Without limitations on your thinking and actions, challenges can become something to seize and enjoy working through.


My authenticity comes through my personality; my energy and my true passion for teaching, the desire to educate, learn, and inspire others.